App for personalizing training of cyclists.

Most cyclists train based on training procedures designed for a general cyclist. However, each athlete is different and hence distinct training regimes influence their performance in different ways.

OptiCycle analyzes perosnal training and race data, and allows the athlete to adapt their training regime to what fits them best. Developed for the Slovak Cycling Federation.


App for organizing football games.

Most friendly football games are still organized through Messenger and WhatsApp groups, organizers spend countless hours chasing people who forgot to pay, and it is usually very difficult to get hold of a football pitch owner to book a game.

Ballers is an app which solves all of the problems above. Chat, pitch booking, and money collection all in one. The app is in progress.

Krpáčovo Park

Real estate project. See krpacovopark.com.

image of chalet in Krpáčovo Park

COVID-19 has caused a large increase in within-country tourism in some countries because of difficulties to travel abroad. This generated high demand for recreational real estate. Krpáčovo Park is a project that we founded in September 2020, in the hope of meeting this demand. We offer 15 recreational chalets with 228 sq.m. of gross floor area for sale. Each chalet includes a dining area, large terrace, sauna, exterior wooden whirpool, fireplace and 3-4 double bedrooms. 13 km away from the best ski resort in Slovakia. Raised ~2M € from Bank Burgenland.